Amazon Music/Audible Launches Podcast Directory


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Dave is back from phase I of his moving into a new location, and is glad to catch up with everyone as Amazon launches their podcast directory. Topics include:

00:00:35 Sponsor: 00:01:49 Dave's Moving Journey 00:03:20 Amazon Music Adds Podcasting 00:20:50 Jim's Feedback on Seasons 00:22:31 One Person's Feedback 00:25:42 Amazon Terms Of Service 00:29:34 Our Awesome Supporters 00:30:50 Joe Rogan's Apology 00:33:17 Are Podcasters Journalists? 00:36:56 Accessibility Issues 00:40:49 Transcriptions 00:45:34 Overdub Feature 49:06 Podcasters Book Club 49:54 Learn Podpage 54:04 Dave's Audiobook?

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