Special Monthly Highlights 3 | Episodes Released in March 2021


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Episode Title: Special Monthly Highlights | Episodes Released in March 2021 (Episodes 9 to 12, 2nd Edition)

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Hardi Kamsani and Azman Repin


Azimah Azman, Azfar Azman and Syazana B. Mohamed Sani

Guest Speakers

Zahia Boukhlifa and Zarina Noor

Scriptwriter | Producer | Director

Syazana B. Mohamed Sani

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Hello! Holã! Marhaba!

WELCOME to the ASK Trio About Wellness podcast! Join me, Syazana Sani and the Astro Duo, Azfar Azman and Azimah Azman, your hosts from New York. Let’s strive to educate, regenerate and elevate family institutions through optimal productivity and wellness education, one episode at a time.

ARE YOU READY to listen to inspirational stories of trust, respect, acceptance, integrity, love and social responsibility from multicultural families and special needs communities? Sit back, relax and be inspired by the awesome people that we highlight in the first segment of the podcast…

[Azimah] Hello! May peace be upon you!

[Syazana] You are listening to the monthly highlights of the first season of the podcast from episode #9 to episode #12 released in March 2021. June 20th is Father’s Day. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the dads out there: Happy Father’s Day! May Almighty God bless you and reward you for all your good deeds.


EPISODE 9 | Why Integrity and Trust Are Important In Building Relationships and Bonus Recipes

EPISODE 10 | Celebrating Women and Recipe for Bergedil, The Malay Hash Brown

EPISODE 11 | Tribute To Everyday Wonder Women |

EPISODE 12 | A Teen’s Perspective on Developing Strong Ties That Bind and Inspiring Women Teachers


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In the second segment of the podcast, we’ll learn about productivity and the nine dimensions of wellness—physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, social, intellectual, mental, occupational and financial wellness—so we can survive and thrive in this unpredictable world.

EPISODE 9 | Balance Exercise and Stretches For Physical Wellness With Coach Zarina Noor

EPISODE 10 | Flexibility Exercise and Stretches To Help You Achieve Your Physical Wellness Goals With Coach Zarina Noor

EPISODE 11 | Warm Up and Circuit Training For Weight Loss With Coach Zarina Noor

EPISODE 12 | SMART and Productive Strategies To Achieve Physical Wellness With Coach Zarina Noor

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