Episode 116: ASMR Music Show - SPECIAL 30 mins of MOISS, Hive, Moiss Music Black and Yasina PROMO. UPFRONT!


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What a WEEK!! We have a special Cosmonaut mix with tracks from Moiss Music's Labels Moiss, Moiss Music Black, Hive and Yesina!
30 minutes of pure Deep House! With Zetbee | Trevor Gordon | Ametronik | Bralan | Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura | Mauro Ghess and Soledrifter!!
We have a glorious 2 From The Soul with a new album Don Letts has compiled called Late Night Tales and its SUPERB!!
Our THREE FROM.. features an up and coming album by Jazzuelle called Muse on Stay True Sounds
and loads of great music from these guys!!
Ghetto Priest - Late Night Tales | El payo | BNinjas | K V R V B O | Massiande | Chymamusique | Reggie Dokes | Q Narongwate | Lebedev (RU) | Oscar Barila, Alex Gomez | Rishi, JT Donaldson | Dubeats, Bondar | Demarkus Lewis | T.Markakis | Sebas Ramis feat. Lee Wilson | Tonis | DJ Sulli | Col Lawton, Sex On Decks | Jazzuelle | Peter Mac | Kerri Chandler, Tom Middleton | OJPB, Fred Everything | Jimpster, Khalil Anthony, Teflon Dons |

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