Ep 11: Chatstronomica


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This week we're taking a little break from our narrative to bring you A Very Special Episode. No, it's not about peer pressure but we do talk about why everyone should be playing Stars Without Number (come on, all the cool kids are doing it) plus dish on answers to all the behind the scenes questions we assume you want to know! Why is Hilde such a fantastic and assertive team member? How come Mackie has the strength and dexterity of a 19 year old football player and, well, the intelligence of a 19 year old football player who keeps forgetting to wear a helmet? And why is Cullen always hoping Anton will just die already? Find out answers to some of these questions and more in our first ever discussion-based episode of Astronomica.
PS: A brand new episode of Astronomica narrative next week, and (in Anton's voice) that's our guar-on-tee
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