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All this time at home has allowed us to become more aware of not simply the furniture placement and objects we surround ourselves with, but also the energy that we can create through design and intention. As we look to set our roots down even deeper, we invite Laura Cerrano, Feng Shui scientific researcher, to share her holistic healing approaches with us.

Laura began her Feng Shui studies at the age of 12 and over the years has grown her practice, combining traditional and modern-day Feng Shui.

She is the president and CEO of Feng Shui Manhattan and taught at the Metropolitan Institute of Design in New York. Her work has been featured in Oprah Magazine, BBC radio, New York Times, PBS and more.

She is dedicated to bridging the gap between the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui with modern day science, helping people establish harmony in their connections with self, space and the world around us.

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