#327 Living Your Mission In Trying Times W/ Erick Godsey


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In today’s podcast I am joined by my brother, Erick Godsey. A few years ago, Erick was working at Chipotle, wondering what the hell “guacamole is extra” had to do with his purpose. Then he took a leap of faith and decided to take the course, Go For Your Win, which he credits as the catalyst for living the life of his dreams today.

A week ago I was restless, and wavering between anxiety and depression. Without being fully aware of what I was doing, I went back to the map provided by Go For Your Win. I found my mission again, and everything changed.

This podcast tells the story of how to discover your purpose in these trying times, and the immense sacrifice that comes with changing your mind. If any of you are frustrated with friends or family that think differently from you, this podcast is essential.

For anyone interested, enrollment in Go For Your Win mastermind community will be open for a few more days. Sign up here!

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