What's Apple Doing With Our Podcasts?


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Welcome to episode 9 of the Audacity Bootcamp Podcast. What's Apple doing with our podcasts? I've had some weird experiences with Apple on my podcasts these last few days. I updated my iPhone to iOS 14.5 (I probably should have waited) and weird things started happening. The latest episode of another show I do never showed up in my Apple Podcast app. But it did appear other places including my wife's Apple Podcast app. Weird. Push Play to hear more weird stuff. The links I mention in this episode:

The Audacity Bootcamp - https://audacitybootcamp.com/

Audacity Bootcamp: Beginning to Advanced - https://www.udemy.com/course/audacity-bootcamp-beginner-to-advanced/?referralCode=2929789AFB4340922D9A


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