MK-Ultra - Crate Digging Vol. 06


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Crate Digging Vol. 06 features leisured Latin rhythms, experimental Ambient, raw Funk & Soul, jazzy Trip-Hop, old school Hip-Hop and other rousing bits of music from MK-Ultra's vinyl collection. The world's most affordable music class is now in session!

This podcast episode features content created or published by Anthology Recordings, Attytude Records, Because Music, Blue Note Records, Cold Busted, JIVE Records, Milan Records, Too Good, Virgin, World Circuit and others.

  1. MK-Ultra & Keith Mansfield - Funky Crate Digging Fanfare [Intro]
  2. Buena Vista Social Club - Black Chicken 37
  3. Tommy Guerrero - Postcard Home
  4. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Fullmoon
  5. Jenova 7 - Coffee Stains
  6. Eddie Kendricks - My People...Hold On
  7. Peter Patzer - Mild Maniac
  8. Massive Attack - Risingson
  9. Esbe - Bluesy Moon
  10. DJ Cam Quartet - You've Got to Have Freedom
  11. Donald Byrd - Flight Time
  12. KRS-One feat. Channel Live - Free Mumia

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