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Gather your homies and take the party to the streets. All you need is a big ass boombox and some bouncy beats. MK-Ultra is back on form with a swinging set of Funky House, Soulful House and Deep House. Crank the volume up to eleven and blast away the blues!

This podcast episode features content created or published by Bosh Recordings, Exploited Records, Freerange Records, Ocha Records, Piston Recordings, Poker Flat Recordings and others.

  1. MK-Ultra & Brian Dives - Polar Bears 'N' Shit [Intro]
  2. Jamaimoi - Prince De La Ville [Original Mix]
  3. R.E.D. - So Appealin’ [Arturo Garces Remix]
  4. Ritz - Daily Routine [Original Mix]
  5. T.U.R.F. - Real Heads Know The Deal [Original Mix]
  6. Black Loops - Something Special [Original Mix]
  7. Kuzey - Ada [Frederick Alonso Remix]
  8. Darksidevinyl - Yama [Original Mix]
  9. Mihai Popoviciu - Time [Original Mix]
  10. Goldred - Mind Games [Original Mix]
  11. Lebedev - Paris Night [JR From Dallas Remix]
  12. Bninjas - Cream Babe [Original Mix]

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