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Stroll down the beaches of the Milky Way and listen to the soothing waves of eternity crashing onto shore. MK-Ultra soars through the cosmos to the beat of chilled Soulful House and ethereal Beach House. Revel in the warmth of four hundred billion setting suns and float far, far away.

This podcast episode features content created or published by DeepWit Recordings, Dessous Recordings, Dewtone Recordings, Energostatic Records, Freerange Records, Piston Recordings, Tsuba Records and others.

  1. Rio Padice - Back To The Basics [Original Mix]
  2. Jimpster - Simmering Down [Original Mix]
  3. Leko On Pluto - Her Kiss [Original Mix]
  4. Bitter-Suss - That Day [Original Mix]
  5. D.M.P - Just Believe [Alvaro Hylander Remix]
  6. Neotnas - Milan [Original Mix]
  7. Hamza Rahimtula - Neon Funk [Ivaylo Sun Touch Remix]
  8. Moodymanc - Omlette [Dplay Remix]
  9. Ritz - Sideways [Original Mix]
  10. Andrew kn - Cosmic Glow [MK-Ultra Outro Edit]

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