Episode 32. Dev Raga


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Today I’m chatting to Dev Raga, a medical professional from Melbourne who migrated from India as a child in the 80's. Dev runs his own podcast at devraga.com and is breaking the stereotype of Doctors not being the best with money with his educational content on various personal finance topics. Some of the topics we cover are: - Dev's background (00:03:03) - How long does it take to become a doctor and when do they start earning the big bucks? (00:10:30) - How Dev became interested in FIRE (00:23:12) - What Dev invests in (00:44:06) - The Dev Raga Podcast (00:51:14) For a full transcription of today's episode plus show notes, please head over to https://www.aussiefirebug.com/dev-raga/

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