Episode 34. Aussie HIFIRE


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Today I invited one of my favourite Aussie FIRE bloggers on the pod, and that’s none other than Aussie HIFIRE. HIFIRE works in finance and is looking to create a higher than average income stream to fund his retirement. Some of the topics we cover are: - Who is Aussie HIFIRE? (00:04:30) - What is HIFIRE and how does it differ from regular FIRE? (00:05:10) - What does AHF want to do during retirement? (00:11:53) - The role that bonds play in a portfolio (00:18:53) - How Aussie HIFIRE approaches FIRE and kids (00:29:42) - Income insurance during the accumulation phase (00:44:10) For a full transcription of today's episode plus show notes, please head over to www.aussiefirebug.com/aussie-hifire/

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