Episode 35. Lacey Filipich - Money School


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Today I’m chatting to Lacey Filipich, author of 'Money School' which is an Australian book about becoming financially independent reclaiming your life. Lacey resume is very impressive, she's an engineer, author and successful entrepreneur starting multiple companies who reached financial independence in her early 30s. Some of the topics in today's pod include: ➡Lacey’s upbringing and her road to financial independence (0:02:12) ➡Burning out at work (0:10:48) ➡Lacey’s investment strategies and current asset allocations (0:22:40) ➡The Money School Book (0:56:42) ➡How you can use Options with a FIRE strategy (1:05:34) ➡Bank bail in-laws and what it could mean for people holding large amounts of cash (1:14:51) For a full transcription of today's episode plus show notes, please head over to www.aussiefirebug.com/lacey-filipich-money-school/

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