Episode 36. Glen James - My Millennial Money


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Today I’m speaking to Glen James, a multiple award-winning financial advisor who is the creator and host of the very popular podcast, My Millenial Money. Glen's a self-proclaimed 'spender' but was able to develop a process and system to manged his own money at an early age that ultimately lead him to financial success. He then went into helping others achieve their financial goals starting and selling multiple businesses along the way. Glen highlights some really interesting points about the FIRE movement as well as the importance of giving back as you build your weal Some of the topics in today's pod include: ➡Glen’s relationship with Money and the systems and processes he has built (00:04:44) ➡Super asset allocations (00:14:01) ➡Glen’s investing philosophy (00:15:40) ➡Why the FIRE movement needs to ditch the RE (00:21:32) ➡Being charitable whilst building wealth (00:32:25) ➡My Millennial Money Podcast (00:39:27)

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