262 | Tara, two vaginal births, homebirth, family-centred birth, breast implant removal.


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In today’s episode Tara shares her intuitive journey to motherhood and the power of family-centred birth. She was working in the air force during her first pregnancy and was denied the opportunity to have a home birth as the Defense Force policy dictated care from a private obstetrician. Her pregnancy was stressful; she experienced workplace bullying and harassment which led to an official medical discharge during maternity leave. Her second pregnancy was a completely different experience and she planned and experienced a glorious family-centred homebirth supported by midwives. At three months postpartum after suffering low milk supply, she made the decision to have her breast implants removed. She fed her baby four hours post-op and her milk supply immediately increased, so much so that she could express 100ml from each breast.

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