Brett Turley - Detecting Bombs to Building Bodies


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Brett Turley has had one very productive and extreme life. As a teenager, he entered the military and eventually wound up as a dog handler in Bomb Detection, with two tours of Afghanistan. Following that life, he entered the Fitness Industry and worked for some time as a PT.

Now, he’s running his world online and working in the Corporate space after a stint in the IT world. We discussed his career path, his brushes with death, his work now, his management of his own PTSD and left a few topics open for another Episode. Given everything Brett has seen, experienced and done, he has a very calm and insightful outlook on life, career, self management and what his purpose is all about delivering these days. He has a very wise head on some broad young shoulders. This was a very thoughtful chat with a guy who is clearly going places. I’m looking forward to Episode 2. Enjoy.


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