The Goldilocks Zone of Exercise (Collab with The You Project Part 1)


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Craig Harper - THE YOU PROJECT and I catch up again to talk about the importance of Optimising your Workout, which involves a number of different elements, attitude, application, consistency, design, technique, and more. Craig and I have been good friends for nearly 30 years, we’ve worked together, owned gyms together, so our collective experience is over 60 years of working in the health and fitness space and helping humans be better humans, both physically and in Craig’s space mentally and emotionally. This was Part 1 of a Two Part Episode which we know will leave you with specific, useful, and most importantly USEABLE strategies and reminders to allow you to OPTIMISE your training, and therefore your health and performance.

Craig Harper is a leading authority in the space of human performance, human development, behavior change, and self-awareness. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Neuroscience with Monash Universities Brain Park.




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