35: We’re Back with Special Guest Andrew Stine


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Sup Nerds? It has.... been a minute to say the least. I foolishly attempted to avoid discussing COVID, but I now realize that was a mistake. Importantly, I also wanted to return to the show to discuss the senseless murder of George Floyd and countless other black lives. Black. Lives. Matter. I have not done as much as I can as an ally, and I apologize for that. In the future, I aim to be better. I aim to have more diverse voices join the show, and I aim to discuss issues that affect black voices in this community. I want to continue to improve, so if you have feedback please e-mail me at averagedisnerd@gmail.com Enjoy the show. Links & Show Notes Thread on Black Voices in the Theme Park Community Disney Reservation System in place until 2021 Carlye’s Tweet about lack of WDW info Wine Bar George Fries

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