58. Making an Impactful Difference in Lives with Will Owens


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Join Mike Cavaggioni and Will Owens on the 58th episode of the Average Joe Finances Podcast as they talk about how changing your mindset can change the world. Will Owens is the CEO and founder of The Mind Creates. In 2020, he recognized the ability for people to create the life they desired with the power of the mind. And so, through this revelation, Will designed, “The Mind Creates,” to assist people in life coaching, investing, education, business consulting, and problem-solving. After all, they believe that in helping, people have a new mind and way of living, others can experience fulfilment in life and throughout eternity.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

● How most of the world’s systems affect us and why we need to change them

● Why having a love for solving problems is essential when becoming a life coach?

● What the six “fears” are and how recognizing them can help you overcome them

● The value of having an abundance mindset and how money truly impacts our lives

● The importance of disciplined thinking and how the mind creates the circumstances.

● And much more!
About Will Owens:

Will is a millennial that is one of the top creators in the world. In addition to his Engineering degree, Will has earned various business, financial, and spiritual certifications through utilising solid business systems. He has a deep passion for educating others on mindset, spiritual relationships, money, and business.

Will played College and Semi-Pro basketball before turning down his Professional Contracts to play in China to pursue a career in the corporate world. He climbed the corporate ladder for FedEx Ground Headquarters and PepsiCo before resigning and starting his business.

In September of 2015, a life-changing event occurred, where Will had to move from Georgia back to Maryland to assist in raising his younger brothers. This challenging time in his life was due to his mother being diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer at the age of 44 and eventually passing away ten months later on June 11, 2016.

Will turned the devastating situation of his mother’s passing into a positive opportunity for impact by creating his first company WOW Mentoring, LLC. After properly operating WOW Mentoring, LLC for four years, Owens founded The Mind Creates in 2020 to address new mindset development and opportunity creation needs.

Find Will Owens on:

Website: themindcreates.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/will-owens-wow

Instagram: instagram.com/will_owens

Facebook: facebook.com/owenswill

Twitter: twitter.com/will_owens
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