Episode 98. Aviation Talkshow SkyHeroes_The March Edition


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This is a recording of a brand new format we introduced at AviaDev: SkyHeroes. SkyHeroes is the aviation talkshow where 3 of industry experts share their open opinions on hot aviation topics in a light way, sometimes controversial, sometimes not completely politically correct, sometimes funny. But if we can still laugh, even in these difficult times, it means we are still alive, right?

This time our experts were John Grant, Sean Mendis and Max Oldorf and the topics we were discussing included:

  1. The return of 737 MAX
  2. European Court decided that state aid to AirFrance and SAS was not discriminatory
  3. New airlines on the rise in Africa
  4. Turkish Airlines taking the leading position on the global market

It was a fascinating discussion. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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