Episode 147: Soul Messages - A Conversation With Psychic Medium Malaurie Barber


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Malaurie grew up in France and comes from a long line of psychics and witches. (her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmothers, her great uncle…Anyhow, you get the idea). It’s in her DNA. She has been doing readings for many years. Malaurie loves helping people find a sense of peace and clarity.

Malaurie tries to keep it real and simple. No gimmicks, no pretenses, no bullshit. She says it herself "I'm not a crystal ball, but I can enter into a conversation with your guides and ancestors and see what they have to say. The answer might not always be what you want to hear but it is always grounded in love and with your greater good in mind."

In This Episode:

  • How Malaurie developed her psychic mediumship gifts.
  • The difference between a psychic and a medium.
  • Can anyone be a medium?
  • What happens to souls after they have transitioned?
  • Why some souls do not cross over to the other side.
  • How Malaurie protects herself from Spirits.
  • Malaurie's opinion on humanity's lessons with covid, the pandemic, the vaccines, and etc. Are we passing the test?
  • What are “downloads?” Malaurie’s suggestions on how to know if the downloads are based on truth.
  • Malaurie’s thoughts on studying mediumship and spiritual practices vs developing your innate talents.
  • The most important thing you need to do to channel Spirits.


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