Episode 100 "Honoring the inward turn of the season"


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Episode 100 Honouring the inward turn of the season with Emma and Christine Podcast co-hosts Emma Kupu Mitchell and Christine Pensa honour the cross quarter point in the wheel of the year in this special episode sharing new insights about ancestral stories, and moving into the darkness with intention. Christine and Emma also share insights and ideas around the Celtic celebration of Samhain, as well as insights, practices, and reminders to align with more ease to mercury retrograde and Virgo energies. How these energies are inviting us to slow down in order to release, reflect and review where we have come from, and importantly, where we are choosing to head to. (Note: the song shared in this episode is copyright Wendy Luella Perkins, link to purchase below). Show info LINKS: Song from this episode is from the album, This Very Moment by Wendy Luella Perkins TRACK 2 WHAT AM I RUSHING TO

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