Episode 131, Perspective Talks, opening to a deeper understanding with Maggie Savage


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In this episode, host Christine Pensa’s guest was the creator of the Perspective Talks, Maggie Savage. Maggie said the talks were borne out of her feeling of sadness that people were so divided. She said, “I felt we just didn’t understand each other.” Maggie interviewed a diverse group of people, from a variety of backgrounds and professions. She shared the evolution of the perspective series and how she was able to immediately slip into neutrality with each person to really hear their diverse perspectives. Maggie committed to practicing neutrality even when the people she was interviewing held opinions that were in contrast to her own.

Maggie says she is a born teacher so learning and sharing with others is natural for her. She approached the talks as an opportunity to learn what was behind the opinions—because if opinion is only a competition—then everyone loses. As Maggie was able to open to witness each person, she found that underneath the perspectives and opinions are life experiences and stories that are heart opening and always ultimately beautiful.

This episode is an invitation to open up to how we might rise above our own judgements and polarity—in order to come together and truly learn about each other through the eyes of compassion. Doing so, in effect Maggie says, “builds up an arsenal of perspectives to help better shape our own.” Honouring and looking beyond what is being said on the surface in order to understand what is really going on.

Maggie is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who is offering a new program called The Clarity Sessions because she found that though she has been surfing the same pandemic waves as the rest of us she continued to feel good, healthy and free during the lockdown. She combines her knowledge of nutrition and the depth of her personal journey through intentional living and meditation to bring this same clarity to other women.

The closing questions Maggie asked every guest on the Perspective Talks was what the silver lining of the lockdown has been. She was touched that the common thread and medicine so many pulled from a worldwide shutdown was to slow down, do what we love, and hug the people we love.

Maggie’s instagram handle is @maggiesavage1 Maggie’s website http://www.sheletthemeatcake.com/the-clarity-sessions/

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