Architectures for 2021 and Beyond - Episode 125


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In this episode, your host Jeffrey Palermo is sharing his top list of the architectures you should be paying attention to in 2021 and beyond.

The software development world is changing at a faster rate every year. As we look back, there are architectures, infrastructure, and patterns that have often turned out to be nothing more than fads or distractions in hindsight — resulting in lost productivity, dead ends, and broken promises. To avoid this in 2021, Jeffrey is reviewing a survey of modern architectures that are sure to have staying power in 2021 and beyond.

Get ready to tune in and take some notes!

Topics of Discussion:

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[1:00] About The Azure DevOps Podcast, Clear Measure, and Jeffrey’s offer to speak at virtual user groups.

[1:25] Clear Measure is hiring! Be sure to check out the link in the show notes.

[1:37] About Jeffrey’s newest podcast, Architect Tips!

[1:57] About today’s episode.

[2:39] The different levels of architecture patterns and why it is important to know them.

[4:46] At the infrastructure level, this is the pattern to pay attention to: serverless architecture.

[8:03] At the system level, this is one of three patterns you should be paying attention to: domain-driven design.

[10:48] Also at the system level, you should pay attention to: microservices.

[12:35] Discussing the two different major architectures that distributed architectures generally come down to: event-driven and web services.

[16:27] Jumping down to the application level, Jeffrey begins highlighting the four must-know architecture patterns to be paying attention to, starting with: MVC and MVVM.

[19:48] A word from Azure DevOps Podcast’s sponsor: Clear Measure.

[20:17] Next on the application level, Jeffrey highlights: onion architecture and layered architecture.

[23:01] Next on the application level: CQRS vs. structured programming.

[25:24] Last on the application level: onion DevOps architecture.

[28:46] At the layer level, Jeffrey highlights several must-have patterns, starting with: the adapter pattern.

[30:45] Next on the layer level: mediator and chain responsibility.

[31:34] The overall family pattern that mediator and chain responsibility are a part of: hub-and-spoke.

[34:10] Lastly on the layer level: observer.

[36:21] For different design patterns you will want to know how to describe them and be able to create diagrams. Jeffrey recommends PlantUML for this.

[37:56] At the code level, Jeffrey highlights: generic code patterns, functional programming style, and object-oriented logging.

[38:38] Jeffrey closes out this week’s episode.

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