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This week on the podcast, Jeffrey Palermo is virtually sitting down with Derek Comartin to discuss migrating to .NET Core!

Derek Comartin is a software developer with two decades of professional software development experience. He has written software for a variety of business domains such as distribution, transportation, manufacturing, and accounting. He is also the Director of Engineering at Full Circle TMS., where he develops transportation management software using a variety of technologies, including .NET. Derek has also founded and currently leads the Windsor-Essex .NET Developers Group, where they explore the use of .NET for building and deploying applications on any platform. On top of all of this, Derek also has a very active blog ( that focuses on CQRS, Event Sourcing, HTTP APIs, and Hypermedia.

In their conversation, Derek tells his migration story and offers pro tips to other developers getting started on theirs.

Topics of Discussion:

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[1:49] About today’s episode with Derek Comartin!

[3:03] Jeffrey welcomes Derek to the podcast.

[3:16] Derek shares some highlights of his career as well as what he’s currently up to on a daily basis.

[4:38] Discussing the new generation of developers.

[5:47] What makes migrating to .NET Core different? And what do developers need to think about if they’re contemplating migrating?

[8:13] Derek details how they migrated their ASP.NET app to .NET Core.

[9:57] Derek gives an overview of the system’s starting point in 2015.

[11:32] Derek shares which .NET Framework version they migrated from.

[11:55] Why they decided to do all of their prep work while on .NET Framework prior to their migration.

[15:59] Derek shares about some of the dependencies that served as challenges during migration and how their team overcame them.

[18:08] A word from Azure DevOps Podcast’s sponsor: Clear Measure.

[18:41] Derek continues to share the route that they took with migration.

[19:24] Derek shares what their hosting model was at the time vs. what it is right now.

[20:15] Are they doing anything currently with Kubernetes?

[20:41] About the recent Azure DevOps’ episode with Mike Sigsworth on Kubernetes implementation.

[21:38] Is .NET Framework 4.8 all we’re going to get from Framework? Derek elaborates on their deployment strategy and shares some advice.

[26:50] Derek explains why Noda Time should be the standard for communicating over different timezones.

[30:32] What levels of test suites did Derek find to be the most helpful with migration?

[32:30] Which version of .NET Core are they on now?

[32:50] Will they planning a move to .NET 5.0 in a few months or are they going to wait a little while?

[33:46] How much CPU, memory, or resources are they using now?

[34:51] Derek shares where to find him online as well as some additional resources to check out.

[35:46] Jeffrey thanks Derek for sharing his migration story!

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