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In today’s episode, Jeffrey Palermo is joined by Steve Sanderson! Steve is a developer at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team and the inventor of the first version of Blazor. He has worked on web technologies at Microsoft since 2010 and is the author of the popular book, Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework, as well as its various sequels. Steve also started the Knockout.js project back in 2010 (before client-side MV* was cool).

In their conversation, Steve speaks about all things Blazor! He shares about the initial vision of Blazor as well as the process that led to the first production-ready version of Blazor. He answers topical questions about Blazor, WebAssembly, and Azure; shares what he is currently working on with regards to Blazor; and offers advice to new and old developers alike!

Topics of Discussion:

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[1:35] About today’s episode with Steve Sanderson!

[2:12] Jeffrey welcomes Steve to the podcast.

[2:20] Steve shares some of his software career highlights.

[4:30] Steve speaks about the work he did on the Azure Portal.

[7:48] Steve shares what the initial vision for Blazor looked like as well as the process that led to the first production-ready version of Blazor.

[12:16] Steve explains how Blazor is not a way of running .NET code on WebAssembly; it is a UI framework.

[14:22] How (and what) Blazor, as a UI framework, is teaching new developers for the first time.

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[17:38] With API security, etc. is it built-into Blazor, or, are there things that developers need to keep in mind or do on top of what’s provided by the template?

[22:38] When deploying and running WebAssembly, what are the recommended services in Azure? What has Steve tested?

[24:23] If a developer’s goal is to have their Blazor app talk to a few of their web API controllers, what is the minimum they need to really think about when setting that up properly in Azure?

[26:12] What would the catalyst be to move to some of the Azure services around API management?

[28:18] Steve speaks about what he is actively working on now and what he is aiming toward, going forward with Blazor.

[34:44] How close are we to being able to take a Blazor WebAssembly app and submit it to the iOS app store?

[38:04] Jeffrey thanks Steve for joining the show and Steve shares a recommendation for further learning about Blazor.

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