Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes with GitOps


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Lior Kamrat shows Scott Hanselman how Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes provides an easy way to apply GitOps configurations on Kubernetes clusters deployed outside of Azure, which enables you to control and govern those clusters and applications using GitHub repositories as the "single source of truth."

[0:00:00]– Overview
[0:02:27]– Demo kickoff
[0:04:01]– Home-brewed Raspberry Pi clusters!
[0:06:35]– GitOps configurations
[0:08:40]– Flux, the GitOps Kubernetes operator
[0:09:32]– Demo application repo in GitHub
[0:10:53]– Demo application running in 3 clusters
[0:12:17]– Triggering an update with a code change
[0:15:04]– Azure Arc Jumpstart
[0:17:48]– Wrap-up

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