#Neuromarketing 2: Why it Matters in B2B & Cues from B2C w/ Dr. Uma R. Karmarkar and Dr. Ming Hsu


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Lots of people see B2B as the older, cooler sibling to B2C. It has its life together and makes rational data-based decisions.

As if.

In this #Neuromarketing episode of B2B Growth, Erik speaks with Dr. Uma R. Karmarkar of UC San Diego and Dr. Ming Hsu of UC Berkeley about the science of decision-making in business.

Plus, the trio talks about…

  • How B2B hasn’t gotten the attention from the neuroscience industry it deserves
  • Why people in groups make different decisions than individuals
  • The power of the Price Placebo Effect
  • B2C components that B2B should start applying, like integrated messaging

This series is hosted by Erik Kostelnik, Founder & CEO at Postal.io.

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