Bees, Love and 90 Day Fiance ft. Anna Campisi


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Join Nicole and Anna from 90 Day Fiance as they talk about Anna's life as a beekeeper.

What You'll Learn

  • More about Anna's background in beekeeping
  • How did Anna become a beekeeper?
  • Anna's experience beekeeping in Mexico
  • How Anna manages her apiary in Nebraska
  • What have been Anna's biggest challenges in beekeeping
  • Anna's tips for new beekeepers
  • What Facebook group did Anna find love?
  • What are the differences in beekeeping in the US versus Turkey?
  • An insight into Annas live as she shares things most people don't know about her
  • Where can you buy Anna's honey and beeswax body care products?

Our Guest

Our guest is Anna-Marie Campisi, owner of Beauty and the Bees Honey, as well as a cast member of 90 Day Fiance Season 7. Anna and her fiance Mursel Mistanoglu met on a Facebook Beekeeping group and fell in love despite their language barrier. The power of love and bees!

Anna has been all over the world learning about beekeeping in Mexico, India, and Turkey.

In this episode we get to know Anna as a person and as a beekeeper as she shares her knowledge of bees, experiences abroad, and tips for new beekeepers.

Anna also shares with us the differences she found in beekeeping in the US and how Mursel keeps bees in Turkey.

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