Controlling Odors and Pests Around the Farm and Garden ft. First Saturday Lime


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Join Nicole and Jessica from First Saturday Lime as they talk about controlling odors and pests around the farm and garden!


  • How to reduce smell in the chicken coop and stall
  • Calcium supplement for chickens
  • Keeping water free of algae
  • Neutralizing cat urine in the garden
  • Repelling pests in the garden and around the farm
  • Lime as a soil amendment
  • Not all lime is the same
  • What makes First Saturday Lime different
  • Why is the First Saturday Lime logo a frog?


In this episode, we are joined by Jessica of First Saturday Lime. A family business started by her dad, Jessica now runs the business with her sister.

First Saturday Lime is different. Some lime (hydrated lime, calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide) can burn skin, and other lime (dolomitic, straight out of the quarry) isn’t very strong. First Saturday Lime came up with a formulated version of hydrated lime, which is just as strong as other types of lime, but safer. It lacks the caustic nature of hydrated lime, while also containing virtually no silica as in dolomitic lime. It is safe for all animals, including cats, and safe to handle with bare skin.


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