COVID-19 Resources for Farmers & Consumers, Food Labels Exposed And Animal Welfare Certifications ft Emily from A Greener World


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Join Nicole and Emily from A Greener World as they talk about resources for farmers and consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic, the truth behind food labels and Animal Welfare Approved certifications from A Greener World.


  • What is A Greener World?
  • How A Greener World is helping farmers and consumers during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic
  • Common misconceptions behind food labels
  • Animal Welfare Approved certifications and why they matter
  • Benefits and marketing services for producers that join A Greener World

Our Guest

Emily is the Director of Communication and Outreach for A Greener World.

A Greener World (AGW) is an independent, non-profit farm certifier that works to support farmers and ranchers by helping their high-welfare and sustainable products stand out in a crowded marketplace through trusted and meaningful farm certifications. Certifications by AGW guarantee that animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range for their entire lives on an independent farm using truly sustainable, high-welfare farming practices. It is the only label in the U.S. to require audited, high-welfare production, transport and slaughter practices, and has the highest impact on consumer purchasing of any food label, according to a nationally representative survey conducted by The Hartman Group.
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