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Join Nicole and Chris from Great Lakes Hops as they talk about growing hops and the many benefits hops can offer, even if you don't want to brew your own beer!

What You'll Learn

  • Learn more about Great Lake Hops
  • The amazing history of hops
  • Different verities of hops
  • Reasons to grow hops if you aren't a homebrewer
  • Choosing hops for your climate (hot/cold, wet/dry)
  • Basics of growing hops- soil type, planting, water and lighting requirements, fertilization, trellising, winter prep, etc
  • Pest management
  • More than just for brewing- hops for bees and chickens

Our Guest

Our guest today is Chris from Great Lakes Hops and Dutch Touch Growers. A former business executive, Chris traded his suit in for jeans and jumped into growing hops full time. Today Chris is passionate about growing and teaching about hops and shares some incredible in-depth information in this episode.

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