Growing Mushrooms at Home ft Josh & Megan of Megan's Mushrooms


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Growing mushrooms at home is the topic of conversation this week as we join Nicole and her guests Megan and Josh of Megan's Mushrooms.

  • How easy it is to get started growing mushrooms at home.
  • Different ways to grow mushrooms at home.
  • The health benefits of growing mushrooms at home.
  • The process of growing mushrooms on a larger scale in a dry environment.
  • Some basic mushroom cooking techniques


Megan and her husband Josh live in Rocky Ford, Colorado on 40 acres and have always had dreams of homesteading and growing their own food. They have rescue cats and 3 dogs, no children and are looking forward to getting more animals as the homestead grows. Both Megan and her husband absolutely love going to the little farmstands in their local area and have dreams of having a similar stand with all of their different kinds of mushrooms!

Megan’s passion is all things mushrooms! Four years ago she didn’t even know that most of the gourmet mushroom varieties existed. Then she found a grow your own kit on Amazon and fell in love with the oyster mushrooms due to their flavor and health benefits. From there she started her business and is always learning more about how amazing all mushrooms are!

Megan has a great interest in the medicinal benefits of mushrooms and how they can help so many people. Her goal is to bring the culture of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms to Colorado. She carries organic mushroom extracts in 14 different varieties. Medicinal mushrooms are superfoods that have been utilized in eastern medicine for thousands of years.

The mushrooms available for Megan’s Mushrooms taste like bacon!! All of their mushrooms are wood-loving species grown off clean-sourced, sterilized sawdust. They contain up to 28 grams of protein per cup and varieties are chosen based on flavor and nutritional benefits. Lion’s Mane tastes like buttered lobster, Blue Oysters and Black Pearl Trumpets have an amazing umami/bacon-like flavor, and both Trumpet varieties have a meaty texture that makes them an awesome source for hundreds of alternative vegan dishes.
Megan’s Mushrooms grow kits are an easy and fun activity for all ages and provide education on growing mushrooms and a motivating appreciation toward food independence.

Megan’s Mushrooms aim to provide the highest quality, fresh mushrooms as well as other mushroom products that even non-mushroom lovers can enjoy! They grow indoors year-round and deliver from Rocky Ford all the way to parts of Denver weekly.

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