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Join Nicole and Teri Page, owner of Homestead Honey, as they talk about Homesteading with Kids!
What You'll Learn

  • How to homestead with children
  • Challenges of raising kids on a homestead
  • How to transition kids from a modern life to a homestead
  • Homesteading activities for kids
  • Homesteading homeschool curriculum
  • Homesteading for single and busy parents


From our guest…

I’m Teri Page. I’ve been homesteading for 20+ years with my husband Brian, and our two kids. I’m the author of Family Homesteading and the creator of I am also a life and business coach who works with women ready to live their homestead dream!

Homestead Honey is the go-to website for information and inspiration for your modern homestead! You’ll find hundreds of articles on homesteading, off the grid living, gardening, food preservation, and much more, along with eBooks and coaching to help you dive into your homesteading dream.

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