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Join Nicole and Shannie from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds as they talk about seed saving, heirloom vs hybrid vs GMO seeds and more!


  • What are heirloom seeds?
  • What are GMO seeds and why should you avoid them?
  • What is a hybrid plant?
  • Why is seed saving important?
  • What is a Seed Library?
  • How to keep deer out of the garden
  • Preventing rodents and birds from damaging your garden
  • What are Shannies 5 favorite seeds


Shannie is an expert in heirloom gardening and farming. She works in research, writing and growing on the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed trial farm has developed an understanding of what makes heirlooms special and why they are an essential part of our food system.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds aims to help preserve and spread the rich diversity of heirloom varieties which has been in rapid decline over the past several decades. They also help to educate about heirlooms at our annual event, The National Exposition, which is the world’s largest heirloom produce display and all proceeds go to California School Garden programs.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds sells only heirloom, non hybrid, non GMO varieties. Their seed catalog is famous for high quality images and chock full of history, stories and how tos. Baker Creek offers seeds, live plants, bulbs and gardening essentials. Their website is a place to browse seeds and read articles, and they also offer growing guides on most crops.


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