Information Overwhelm And The Beekeeping Beginner ft Charlotte of Carolina Honey Bees


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Join Nicole and Charlotte of Carolina Honey Bees as they discuss how the information overwhelm can be a problem for beekeeping beginners.


  • Where to find reputable online sources for the beekeeping beginner.
  • Common mistakes made by beekeeping beginners and how to overcome them.
  • The importance of learning beekeeping basics.
  • Why it is important to connect with local beekeeping clubs.

Charlotte grew up spending the summers on her Grandpa’s farm and her best friends were the farm animals. She enjoys gardening and became interested in beekeeping due to a passion to produce her own food. Over the years, she has devoted a lot of time to helping local beekeepers who are new to the hobby and I still enjoy doing that today. Charlotte and her husband live in the foothills of the South Carolina mountains with their chickens, mini donkeys, and other pets.

In addition to the free info on her site, Charlotte offers an online beekeeping class for beginners that is designed to help the new beekeeper get started and through the first Winter and honey harvest! Also available from Charlotte is a popular beekeeping journal that is available as a download and in print from Amazon. This is more than a diary – it has hive inspection sheets, a beekeeping calendar, and more. In just a couple of weeks, her new beekeeping beginners book will be published – Buzz into Beekeeping – it is available for pre-order now – link below.

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