Key Features Of The Best DIY Chicken Coop ft Matt of Carolina Coops


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Join Nicole and Matt of Carolina Coops as they discuss how to build the best DIY chicken coop, prevention against predators and the deep litter method.


  • How big to build a coop
  • Run, nest boxes and roosts
  • Traits of an ideal coop
  • Preventing predators
  • What about prefab coops
  • What is the deep litter method

Matt DuBoise is the owner of Carolina Chicken Coops. What started out as a desire to have access to fresh eggs within city limits coupled with the talent of woodworking, turned into a thriving animal enclosure business. Matt is very passionate about everything he does especially running his business.

Carolina Coops makes custom designed chicken coops that ship worldwide. They are a family owned business that handcrafts quality chicken coops that are built to last. All their coops have their signature deep litter beds, so that means no cleaning your henhouse for at least a year or longer! All of their coops have walk-in covered runs, drop down egg hutches, deep litter beds, and are built to last a lifetime. They travel across the U.S. making custom chicken coops of all kinds and also make standard walk-in coops that you can easily order online through their website.


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