Raising Emus ft White House On The Hill


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Join Nicole and Jake and Becky from White House on the Hill as they talk about their homestead and the adventures in raising emus!


  • Why did they name their homestead “White House on the Hill”
  • How Jake and Becky became homesteaders
  • Homestead goals
  • Raising Emus
  • Why Jake and Becky added Emus
  • Are emus dangerous?
  • Hatching emu eggs
  • Housing and containing emus


Move over Doug and Limu Emu, it’s Jake, Becky and Bamboo the emu!

They weren’t always farmers/homesteaders/animal lovers. Jake & Becky lived in the city for a long time and only got into it all about 3 years after selling everything and taking a leap of faith to change their life. They wanted to raise our own kids, grow their own food and take control of their schedule and work from home, and so began White House on the Hill.

Jake & Becky post weekly YouTube videos about raising animals, building the farm and renovating their mobile home and raising kids in the country. They post daily content on Instagram and Facebook to show followers what they are doing and feature more of their animals.

Jake & Becky love to interact with their audience! They love hearing people taking action and growing their own food or raising animals for the first time because they gained confidence after watching their videos.


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