Rewilding Bees To Preserve and Protect ft. Michael Joshin Thiele


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Join Nicole and Michael Joshin Thiele of Apis Arborea as they talk about rewilding honey bees for preservation.


  • How did Michael become a beekeeper?
  • What is honey bee rewilding?
  • Why is rewilding essential for bee preservation?
  • What Michael believes to be the biggest threat to honey bees
  • Adapting hives to better suit honey bees
  • Ethics and morals of beekeeping
  • What is a Locapiary and why you should start one
  • Michael’s tips for new beekeepers


Michael was born and educated in Germany. He combined studies in Philosophy and Anthropology at the Freie University in Berlin with pursuing work as a somatic practitioner and Naturopath.

He changed residency from Berlin, Germany to the Bay Area, CA in 1997 for an 8 year-long residential Zen Buddhist study program at San Fransisco Zen Center. In 2005 Michael moved with his family to Sebastopol, CA and works as an independent apiculture consultant.

Michael has presented his work at Harvard University, at New York University, consulted in the Dominican Republic for the USDA and developed the organization Gaia Bees to advance biodynamic practices in apiculture. In 2007 he co-founded one of the first honeybee refuges in the US.

In 2017 he founded Apis Arborea ( to preserve the life and resiliency of honeybees through rewilding, that is, the restoration of habitat and natural hives, and the use of a holistic ecological and science-based framework in working with bees. He offers workshops and training in apiculture practice in the U.S. and internationally (Hungary, Denmark, Netherlands).

Michael’s pioneering approach to apiculture as a platform for global renewal has appeared in national and international magazines, books and films (Queen of the Sun). Most recent publications are in the Atlas Obscura Magazine (June 2019), and a report by Reuters News US.


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