Tips For Self Publishing Books ft. Sandra Knauf


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Join Nicole and Sandra Knauf as they discuss how self publishing books works, the cost of self publishing and the best companies for self publishing.


  • Is it better to self publish a book?
  • How much does it cost to self publish a book?
  • What are some self publishing companies?


Sandra Knauf is an Earth-lover, mother, gardener, writer, publisher, and entrepreneur. She moved to Colorado at age 16 and has now lived there for over four decades. She started Greenwoman Publishing, LLC in 2011, and decided to start Greenwoman Market in late 2019 to help other likeminded business owners, who want to help “save the Earth” in their own way.

Sandra's writing background includes work as a “Colorado Voices” columnist for The Denver Post (writing on the environment) and her writing has appeared in Colorado Gardener as well as national publications such as GreenPrints and MaryJanesFarm Magazine. She’s also been a guest commentator, reading her humorous, sometimes political, and often nature-themed essays on KRCC’s “Western Skies” radio show (a NPR affiliate station). She has since published a literary garden writing journal, Greenwoman: Vols. I-6; her own YA fantasy novel, Zera and the Green Man: an anthology of sexy gardening stories (Fifty Shades of Green); and, most recently, her gardening memoir, Please Don’t Piss on the Petunias: Raising Kids, Crops, and Critters in the City.



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