Tips, Tricks, and Common Mistakes In Beekeeping For Beginners ft Jeff Ott & Kim Flottum


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Join Nicole, Jeff Ott and Kim Flottum as they talk about tips, tricks and common mistakes in beekeeping for beginners.


Kim Flottum was the Editor of Bee Culture Magazine for 30+ years, and is the author of multiple books on beekeeping, including the forthcoming “2020 Edition of ABC-XYZ of Beekeeping”. Additionally, Kim has been involved with USDA Research for 5 years, is a Chairman of the Board EAS, and the President of the Ohio State Beekeepers

Jeff Ott has been a hobbyist beekeeper off and on since 6th grade. He is also a columnist for Bee Culture, with his first article appearing in the February 1991 edition.

Kim and Jeff are hosts of the Beekeeping Today Podcast.


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