Varroa Mite Treatment Options For Honey Bees ft Mark Dykes of Bee Squad


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Join Nicole and Mark of of Bee Squad as they talk about Bee Squad, varroa mite treatment options and the mite check program.


  • What is bee squad
  • How the Honeybee Health Coalition works
  • What are the Varroa Mite treatment options
  • Mite Check Program


Mark Dykes is the extension and Bee Squad coordinator for the vanEngelsdorp Bee Lab. Previous to his position at the University of Maryland, Mark was the Chief Inspector for the Texas Apiary Inspection Service (TAIS). During his tenure at TAIS Mark helped to create the Texas Master Beekeeper Program and the Texas State Honey Bee Diagnostic Lab. Mark was also a supervisor with the Florida Department of Agriculture's Apiary Inspection Service and the apiary manager for Dr. Jamie Ellis' honey bee lab at the University of Florida. Mark has a degree in natural resource conservation from the University of Florida and is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.


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