What is Colony Collapse Disorder ft Ben of the BIP Tech Team


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Join Nicole and Ben of the BIP Tech Team as they talk about Colony Collapse Disorder, current beekeeping trends, and what is the BIP Tech Team.


  • What is the BIP Tech Team
  • What is the Sentential Hive program
  • What is Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)
  • Current Beekeeping Trends


Ben is the Honey Bee Health Field Specialist for the Pacific Northwest, along with migratory beekeepers from around the region and helps monitor diseases, pest loads, and colony health. Most of Ben’s experience with commercial beekeeping comes from time working with BIP in Northern California (2013-2017), where he helped queen breeders select stock and test for hygienic behavior.

Ben finds it fascinating to observe and compare the different management strategies used by commercial beekeepers in the western US and had learned there are many different ways to run a successful commercial operation.

He is especially interested in Varroa control, and brood disease identification and treatment. Ben’s interest in bees began much earlier working on the family apiary/organic vegetable farm in Wisconsin and became further immersed while caretaking the farm for a couple of years and managing the hives.

Ben works with commercial migratory beekeepers and provide data on their colonies and recommendations aimed at improving bee health.


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