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Join Nicole and Franchesca from Alchemist Farm as they talk about starting a Zero Waste lifestyle!


  • Chickens as a positive ecological impact
  • What is zero waste?
  • How to implement a zero-waste lifestyle
  • How to reduce waste and plastic on your home
  • Why veganism may not be the answer


Franchesca is the head chicken wrangler at Alchemist Farm in Sebastopol California. Alchemist Farm is a humane hatchery for chickens and quail. They work with unique heritage breeds that lay stunning colors of eggs and have fun plumage, bred specifically for temperament.

Alchemist Farm are firm believers in community support, shipping hatching eggs all over the United States for classroom hatching projects and one non-profit each year to donate a portion of their proceeds to.

In 2019 Alchemist Farm supported End48Hours of Hunger. In 2020 they will be supporting the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

Alchemist Farm runs on 100% clean renewable energy. They are a 100% plastic-free business and as of November 1, 2019, are also zero waste which means they do not create any garbage that goes to the landfill.


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