Dragon Quest Builders 2, Project Winter, MTG. ft. Cameron Kunzelman


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This week, we're joined by videogame critic/journalist Cameron Kunzelman of Vice Games, Paste, and Kotaku (among many others). We pick apart Dragon Quest Builders 2 and the still-beating heart of crafting games, the 8-person multiplayer game Project Winter, and the lizard-brain capitalist appeal of card games. From there, we take a deep dive into cloud gaming and the future of online digital storefronts. Find Cameron on Twitter @ckunzelman.

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2:18 - What's up with freelance game journalism, Cameron?
7:38 - PUBG
9:53 - Project Winter
12:53 - Dragon Quest Builders 2
27:30 - Hearthstone, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Keyforge and the Soul of CCGs
47:00 - Talking to normal people about videogames, the schism between "hardcore" and everything else, the potential of cloud gaming
1:18:15 - The new age of gaming platforms

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