The Decade in Tim Rogers, ft. Tim Rogers


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You might know Tim Rogers as any number of things: a pioneer of "New Videogame Journalism," a prolific game developer, a video personality, an industry consultant, a friend of Suda51, Mr. Rogers' relative, a CPA. He is all of those things, and that's why he's uniquely qualified to talk about all of the videogame-related things that happened this decade. And the non-videogame related things. Like why rich people are all sick, and why Coke Zero exists.

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11:55 - Tim works on Shadows of the Damned in Japan

20:33 - Tim runs a 5-minute mile, Tim is in a band, Tim goes to E3 2010

23:12 - Tim goes to the Bay Area to "do something good" and meets Cliffy B while experiencing The Industry

34:00 - Tim meets a twentysomething "guru" in the workplace

50:28 - Tim makes a game and breaks down the american dream

1:07:30 - Tim moves to New York to something "shrilly idiotic"

1:20:43 - Tim on haters

1:28:39 - Tim gets a dog

1:43:20 - Tim wants to chill for the next 10 years. And cut the memes, kids.

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