Beer Snakes! #Skol Takes! 'BOSSMAN' Jack from 10,000 Takes Minnesota in the Holiday Spirit


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Virtual solo cup cheers from Jack ‘BOSSMAN’ Leverentz from 10,000 Takes podcast in Minnesota who joins EPIC episode of #BadSignal ahead of TNF and local #Skol Vikings vs. Steelers (+3). Before we breakdown the game, Jack explains ‘What Is Minnesota nice?’ Outhouses in the NFL Midwest (03:33), What’s the future for the Vikings Big 3 (05:11) b/c Mike Zimmer is Minnesota nice, but he might have to go (10:48). Who’s the NFC’s best? (13:58), Bills Mafia has an open invite to the 10K Animal house (17:26). BEER SNAKES, BEER SNAKES + the WILD (18:00), Christmas tree farm shopping (23:18), Seven dworfs of the house (26:35), What a Minnesota (bing-bong) parlay consists of (33:07). Only 35 minutes in to preview #Vikings vs. Steelers TNF Week 14. Best bets of the night, Is Tom Brady on the INSIDE of the betting world? (39:42) No one should be surprised if Patriots game plan doesn’t change vs. Bills (44:22)….. Jack, you really Steve Belichick? (45:15), 65M dollar QBs coming soon in 2023 (48:16), and finally a Hockey Terms QUIZ! (52:40). #BadSignal is presented by BettorEdge. Use code FALLON $10 off first order:

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