'Religion of Sports' Filmmaker Gotham Chopra previews Brady's "Man In The Arena" ESPN+ Doc; NFL Week 10 'All Feelings No Facts' w/ Steve Armato


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PRESENTED by BetterEdge, this episode of Bad Signal podcast features Tom Brady's film mastermind Gotham Chopra (24:10) as he debuts a 10 part documentary series "Man In The Arena" on ESPN+ Tuesday Nov 16th. Chopra dives into his close relationship with Brady, distinguishing this series background on common themes of chance, failure, and the pursuit of perfect leadership throughout Brady's NFL years. Chopra's favorite nuggets in the documentary, and of course.... the age old question, is THIS the end of the road? PLUS! Week 10 has come and gone, and Courtney needs to vent on a few aspects of the weekend: Mets fans HELLA SALTY like the ocean (04:21), Russell Wilson needs a nap (07:33), AFC North is soft as brie (10:02), Browns will find time to shut Baker Mayfield down for the season (14:12), and a LOCK for AFC East division winner +300 you don't want to pass up. Hint.... it's that team... with that kid QB.... up Rte 1.... Lock it in!

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