#Ep 17: From Home Baker To 7 Figure Business Owner


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Over $1million in sales in 9 months. Today's guest is one smart cookie. On this episode I get to sit down with Lauren Anderson of Lolly's Home Kitchen. What started out as a stress relieving activity turned into something way more then Lauren could imagine.
In this episode we discuss:

  • How Lauren got started baking from home
  • The importance of knowing your numbers in your baking business
  • How Lolly's Kitchen is training the next generation of inspired cookiers
  • What services Lauren provides to the baking community
  • Why it's so important to believe in yourself and support others

Bonus!! This episode has a giveaway!! If you enjoyed this episode tag me @bakingforbusiness and Lauren @lollyshomekitchen on Instagram as you listen- I will be giving away 6 gift cards Friday to celebrate our 6000 downloads(which we hit when recording this)
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