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In this conversation I chat to documentary maker and journalist Andrew Gold (

Andrew speaks 5 languages, has lived in 6 countries and produces award winning documentaries on bizarre and controversial subcultures. His documentary Exorcism The Battle For Young Minds was broadcast on BBC3 and was Sunday Times' Pick of the Week. He has also created documentaries for HBO and hosts his On the Edge with Andrew Gold Podcast, which was featured as an Apple New and Noteworthy show.

Andrew explains why his life hasn’t changed much since the pandemic. We talk about how he's come to live in 6 countries over the last 6 years and becoming fluent in 5 languages along the way. He breaks down how he became a documentary maker and figured out how to develop his own niche. How he used his time whilst working as a journalist at the Sun, to get better at being in front of camera. He describes the process of moving to Columbia and starting his learning curve making documentaries from scratch. And then moving to Buenos Aries and getting his first BBC3 documentary series commissioned and HBO buying his pilot.

We discuss the idea of faking it till you make it and why it's important to stick to your guns. Andrew explains why it's essential to embrace fear of the unknown. He describes the crash that comes when your project is complete and the emotional and mental impact that came with making a documentary on paedophiles. He talks about how he’s grown his podcast, interviewing big name guests along the way, what that experience was like and loads more!

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